The Start Up Accelerator Fall 2023

classes events Jul 24, 2023

Are you an entrepreneur with a great business idea or a new business owner in your first year of operation?  

Join us for our 10-week class where you will get the information, resources, and support you need to launch and grow your successful business.  

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Topics Covered Include: 

  • Goal Setting  
  • Mind Set 
  • Defining Your Values and Vision 
  • Choosing the Right Business For You 
  • Identifying Your Target Customer 
  • Creating an Offer 
  • Business Essentials 
  • Branding  
  • Making Your First Sale
  • Pricing 
  • Launching 
  • Tracking 


    Class Details

    Dates:September 7th - November 9th 2023
    Time: 12-1 pm

    Cost: Free
    Where: Synchronous Meetings on Zoom + Asynchronous Online Course

Register today and get ready to: 

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to make your first sale.
  • Increase your communication skills
  • Network with other small business owners in our group office hours.
  • Get 1:1 support from our small business advisors.
  • Learn the foundational steps necessary to launch your business and find success.

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