Silver Linings Action Plan Opportunity

news programs and initiatives Dec 20, 2023

The Women's Business Center at JEDI has partnered with Silver Lining and Cameo to give your business amazing opportunities for organic growth.

We all share a mission to help small business owners become more profitable and sustainable. 

About the Partnership 

We are partnering to offer you Silver Lining’s well-tested product called SLAP ™ which is a “small business growth program based in behavior change science. SLAP™ has been around for 18 years and is showing great results with folks who participate in a long-term coaching/goal setting/capital access/impact producing relationship with SLAP™ coaches. They offer a science-based process that produces results. The objective of this partnership is to help small business owners from the Women’s Business Center At Jedi’s community become more profitable and sustainable, create more jobs, contribute to their local communities, and continue to drive the local and global economy. 

The technology and data available through SLAP center offer deeper insights and more robust support for the small businesses we serve together. 

What is SLAP™? 

A Small Business Growth Program based in behavior change science. We are on a mission to make sure that any small business owner brave enough to start a small business gets the structure, support, capital and community that they need to succeed. 

  • Build and manage your SLAP™ in a tech-enabled, data-driven software platform

  • Have Monthly Group Strategy Meets

  • Use templated Connecting Campaigns to find new clients

  • Connect with people & and offers to help you hit your goals

  • Access Behavior Based Loans

  • Join a Global Community of diverse SMBs

Deadline to apply for consideration: January 3, 2024 at 5:00pm


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