Monthly Marketing Lab

marketing news workshops Jan 24, 2023

Monthly Marketing Lab

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Today’s fast paced digital world has a lot of businesses making a lot of changes, fast.

And with that comes a lot of uncertainty.

We're constantly being asked the same questions

  • What can we do on our website?
  • How do we market on Social Media?
  • Do Facebook ads and search engine ads still work for my industry?
  • How do I get more sales?
  • What's the best way to market my business online?

We imagine you have the same questions.

Please join us for a moderated meeting hosted through ZOOM. This is meant to be a forum to discuss and get advice on marketing techniques, what’s working, what's changing, and what's trending.  Each month we'll talk about what actions you can take to strengthen your marketing and effectively communicate with your audience(s). We will start with brief introductions and open the floor for your questions. Be sure to bring questions unique to your business so that we can help each other make progress. To spark conversation, each month we will go over some observations that we're seeing in the world of marketing and business.  If time allows, we will go over some case studies of successful marketing ideas that you can implement in your business. 

Who is leading Office Hours?

Our Marketing Office hours each month will be led by Kate Bourland and Ashly McHatton:  

Ashly McHatton:  Ashly McHatton is a cutting-edge Professional Brand Developer and Business Brander for companies and other businesses nationally. She delivers full-scan brand development across all media – visual, digital, and social. She creates powerful brand identities applying a combined framework of platinum development standards used by Disney, Jeep, Starbucks, Clark Bar, REI, and other leading global brands. With detailed analysis, she takes business visions to iconic branding and innovative, award-winning marketing reality.

Kate Bourland:  Kate is a serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant, and digital marketing expert with a deep knowledge of marketing and sales. She provides consulting education, and tools to help you thrive in the noisy world of business today. She has worked with large publicly traded brands, tech start-ups, course creators and digital brands and local start-up brands. Her goal is to help you cut through the confusion and focus on what matters so that you can stop struggling and move forward. She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs big and small and understands the challenges and struggles that real people experience. She helps you understand the "why behind the how" and connect the dots that lead to success.

She can assist in the areas of digital marketing, website development, funnel development, start-up, and growth strategy (including mindset), product pricing, affiliate marketing, sales, e-commerce, course, and program development.

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