Making Your Money Work for You Book Club

events financial news May 26, 2023

Increase your personal finance IQ in a supportive and fun environment  

 When: 1st Thursday of the Month at 5pm – 6pm, June 1st, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th 

 Where: Zoom Meeting 

No cost 

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Join us for a financially-focused summer book club series! We will be discussing concepts from the Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel, touted as one of the most impactful reads on the subject of personal finance. In his book, Housel illuminates these emotions and beliefs, explaining why we make bad financial choices—and what you should do instead. Dive into your own personal behaviors around money while up-leveling your personal finance IQ in our fun and supportive book club.  

 Our guided discussions will include: 

  • Why people fail to achieve financial success 
  • Understanding why you want money 
  • Financial Strategy 
  • How to Counter Negative Thinking 
  • Paying attention to the right financial information 
  • Money Mindset 
  • Q+A 

Meet your facilitator: 

Trisha Funk, WBC at JEDI Asset Development Specialist, CFEI (Certified Financial Education Instructor) and a 23-year veteran in the finance industry. She has a vision that everyone can comfortably manage their finances based on their goals and feel good about it. She has dedicated much of her professional life to entrepreneurship and financial literacy education.  

About the Author 

Morgan Housel is an award-winning finance writer and former finance columnist at The Motley Fool and The Wall Street Journal. He is also a partner at The Collaborative Fund, a venture capital firm specializing in technology. 

This book is available at your local library, through the library audiobook app Libby, any audiobook platform, Youtube and wherever books are sold. If you need access to a copy of the book the WBC at JEDI has a limited number available to borrow. Please contact [email protected] or 1-888-926-6670 to inquire.  

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