Goal Getters I: My Money Awareness

classes news Dec 14, 2021

Goal Getters I: My Money Awareness

Instructor: Renee Getreu  


Mondays, every other week, starting Jan. 31, 1-3 pm

(Jan. 31, Feb. 14, Feb. 28, Mar. 14, Mar. 28, Apr. 11)

  • Have you wanted to reach a financial goal, but not sure how to do it?
  • Have you ever felt stuck about your money situation?
  • Do you procrastinate and avoid thinking about money at times?
  • Do you feel stressed about money, but not sure what to do about it?

In this small group interactive setting, we will explore our personal experience with 5 types of money:  savings, debt, income, income goals and toxic money.  In this process, we will learn about the amazing creative power we can learn to harness toward our goals.  We will examine our typical choices and habits that have created the money situation we have today.  Then, we will look at key beliefs, feelings and repeated creative patterns, along with an exceptional tool that can help us break through in to a new and more fulfilling experience with money. 


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