Bootstrap Financing Workshop

financial news workshops Jun 09, 2023
Are you an entrepreneur who is interested in starting a business but you are lacking the credit or collateral necessary for traditional financing?
You're invited to attend our FREE 1 hour Zoom workshop on June 23rd, 2023 at 12:30 PM
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What is Bootstrap Financing? 💵
Also known as self-financing, bootstrap financing refers to the process of funding a business using things like personal savings, credit cards, borrowing from friends and family…instead of relying on external sources of funding such as grants, bank loans, venture capital, or angel investors.
This workshop is for individuals who:
💵 Have a viable business idea
💵 Need money to get started
💵 Can’t get a bank loan
💵 Are a new(er) business wanting to prepare for financing down the road

Get registered for our free Bootstrap Financing workshop and learn how to grow your business from the ground up.
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