Client Success: Megan Hillyard, DVM

news success stories Mar 10, 2023

When you dial the number for Country Roads Mobile Veterinary Services, Dr. Megan

Hillyard’s voicemail will tell you, “Currently, we are unable to accept new clients.” That is

because her schedule is full, treating goats, swine, and cattle to exceptional health care. In

her mobile office, Dr. Hillyard offers on-site services to all sizes of animals, from the tallest

horse to the smallest kitten. She and her assistant Emily make house calls throughout the

County of Shasta.

Dr. Hillyard received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2009 from Kansas State

University and moved to Cottonwood, CA shortly after. “As a veterinarian in the area for

11 years, I wanted to continue providing quality care for dogs, cats, goats, horses, and cattle

but with more flexibility. I knew I would have to start my own business in order to do all

this.” Before she opened her business, she took a friend’s advice and became a client of the

WBC at JEDI where she receives instruction and consulting on successfully managing her

books and finances. The WBC at JEDI’s Business Development Consultant/Accounting

Specialist sat down with Dr. Hillyard in February 2019 to guide her on best practices using

QuickBooks and online accounting. Country Roads Mobile Veterinary Services was launched

a few months later.

Over these past 4-years Dr. Hillyard has consulted with the WBC at JEDI to prevent herself

from stumbling in her small business. She says that she’s thankful for her relationship with

WBC at JEDI and appreciates that she can email her random, urgent questions to the

Accounting Specialist and they get back to her right away – without having to wait for an

appointment. Country Roads Mobile Veterinary Services incorporated in April 2022. Her

WBC at JEDI advisor was consulted in the redesignation, from Sole Proprietor to S-Corp,

and assisted her with making adjustments to her bookkeeping.

Dr. Hillyard saw a ~12% increase in gross revenue/sales from 9/21 to 9/22 and invested in a

new, $25,000 x-ray machine. Out of compassion for her clients (and their humans) she

hasn’t raised her rates by very much and still charges less than DVMs in the area. The

soaring cost of gas is a challenge but the animals in outlying areas of the county are well

worth the extra gallon.

"It’s good to have a lot of people cheering for you and wanting you to be successful. I frequently refer people who want to start a business to the WBC at JEDI." - Megan Hillyard


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