Making Your Money Work For You Fall 2023

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Starting September 14, 2023

9 weeks of insight to gain greater control of your financial situation. 

Your financial situation impacts so many aspects of your life. This course will help you take the next steps toward a successful and empowered financial future.  

Our financial situation has such a significant impact on so many other aspects of our lives. We know that sometimes we feel more managed by our money situation instead of feeling like we are managing it. In this training, we will focus on building your personal financial capacity to ensure that you have new opportunities to build the future you desire.    

In this 9-week class you will:  

  • Identify how Financial Psychology impacts your financial decisions.  
  • Create a strategic plan for your money and learn how to track it.  
  • Create balance in your spending and savings activities.  
  • Learn to set and reach financial goals.  
  • Build/Rebuild or use credit in a way that it can be an asset rather than a liability.
  • Gain confidence around investing and knowing the different vehicles that can get you where you ultimately want to be.  
  • Build a network of peers working on similar goals and who can support your success  

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