Client Success: Inaiya Ray

news success stories Jul 26, 2022

Inaiya Ray, The Living Chalice 

Inaiya Ray is the steward of The Living Chalice, an embodied Wisdom School for New Earth Temple Arts. Her life-long journey of personal and planetary awakening brought her to Siskiyou County on the Lion’s Gate, the 8th day of the 8th month of 2020. The Living Chalice website describes the business as, “Offering Akashic Awakening Intuitive readings, Bio-energetic attunements, Awakened Life Coaching and online courses that illuminate and polish the gifts of the Soul.”

Inaya happened across the WBC at JEDI, Mount Shasta office, on September 9, 2021. She sat outside with our receptionist and shared the 18-year story of her gifts from, and giving to, the Conscious Evolutionary Movement. She became a client and began to work with staff consultant Kate Bourland, Digital Business Marketing & Websites, who she felt was an altruistic ally. Kate helped Inaiya launch The Living Chalice website where she promotes her business as a Spiritual Life Coach, Teacher, and Author.

Inaiya’s book was in creation for 18 years. The Grail Rider, An Unbridled Memoir was self-published by Inaiya on January 25, 2022. Kate is giving her invaluable tools on how to market the memoir. Inaiya is also working with staff consultant Nina Natina, Business Development Consultant & Loan Specialist. Inaiya has made owner investments totaling more than $15,000 in 2022 and her immediate need is to raise money and better understand business. She says, “I feel I am limited in growth because I need working capital to hire someone, to optimize my time for clients.”

The WBC at JEDI is instrumental in creating the intricate roadmap at a pace that is customized to my unique business vision and set of circumstances. They have been consistent in showing up with what I need while highlighting options, solutions and strategies to fill in the gaps in promoting my work and leveraging my success. 

The WBC at JEDI counselor who works with me has been incredibly knowledgeable and patient. When you’re a solo entrepreneur you can have all the guidance in the world, but to successfully implement all of the necessary steps I needed to have someone who saw the bigger picture when holding my hand as I implemented all of the guidance and advice.

I appreciate the support of WBC at JEDI profoundly. Just knowing you're there and you have my back has been a God send. Thank you so much. It's a lot to be a single woman and a businesswoman."

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