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2022 Women's Leadership Circles was created exactly with you in mind.

"I realy enjoyed sharing my ideas and getting such insightful feedback and really learning how to move forward and succeed." 2020 Participant

Take the next step with us - commit to leading more successfully - in your own life, your business, and others.  

Deeply invest in yourself with other women business leaders. Build your awareness and skills, re-spark your core enthusiasm, make more money, and unearth even more of your personal power, bravery, and confidence along the way.

Our 2022 Cohort Begins February 15th, 2022. 

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What Past Participants Have to Say


The Leadership Circles is; 5 half day, once a month training and development "Retreat" sessions with an aligned group of powerful women business leaders. Each participant also receives a private one on one personal coaching session with award winning coach and trainer Di Strachan.

We envision a world where women in business are deeply supported, aware, and inspired to run their businesses and lead in their communities with courage, awareness, capacity, and effectiveness. Women's Leadership Circles believe that Women have the capacity and access to resources to create the positive change they want to see - in themselves, their businesses, and their communities. Women's Leadership Circles are helping you to build that world. - Di and Trish

Women's Leadership Circles are your opportunity to invest in a personal and intimate look at building your business and the life you want.




Di Strachan is the award winning consultant, coach and trainer and the owner and director of Positive Futures.  She strengthens businesses, organizations, communities, and individuals through effective communication, visionary planning, leadership coaching and training.  She leads collaboratively to build sustainable resources, economies, and positive futures.     

 For the past 25 years Di has provided county, state, and national workshops, along with marketing and development services.  She has helped people to lead more effectively in their own lives and for others.  Her realms of expertise include; leadership development, stewardship and resource management, marketing, meeting facilitation, management training, communications and strategic media relations.  She has generated over 1,500 news stories with selected story angles winning national and state awards for her media contacts.

Di was one the first female adventurers to walk 1,600 miles, the length of California in 1973.  She broke ground as the first female Outward Bound Instructor in Utah, she spent 10 years as a commercial river guide and trainer, and co-led the successful start up of California’s first sea kayaking company, Sea Trek, in Sausalito in 1982.  For Di’s 50th birthday she set off on a successful 23-day solo sea-kayaking adventure 30 miles off the coast of Australia, and more recently swam 18 miles over 5 days on an expedition in the Sea of Cortez.  Di’s vision to start helping women to become more effective leaders took full shape on one her solo adventure retreats (she had an airplane drop her off on a tropical island with her kayak for a few weeks).  She left the island inspired and with a plan to serve women who are in a position to make a difference


Trisha Funk is a business expert. As a fourth generation entrepreneur, she brings 20+ years experience in the finance industry to the table. From a Series 7 Investment Advisor and Insurance Agent turned financial speaker, author and strategic financial planning coach, she currently serves individuals and small business owners through her role as the Director of the WBC at JEDI with the tools and resources to start, run and grow their own business and empowers the next generation through financial literacy education through her position as the founder and Executive Director of Pennies On Purpose youth financial literacy non-profit.

What will we be focusing on in the 2022 Women's Leadership Circles?

Personal Well Being

Able to maintain the structure of our life. 

Self Fulfillment - Healthy Relationships - Positive Approach & Self Image - Confidence - Bravery

We know that the foundation of being a strong leader is our own well being. This training day is focused on identifying gaps in where you are and where you know you need to be and the tools to correct them.


Personal & Business Capacity

Able to vision, plan, manage others, implement & evaluate strategies. 

More directly, this training day will teach you how to articulate your vision in a way that allows you to create a solid plan to get there, demand value, and develop ways to prioritize decision making for the greatest impact. 

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Active Awareness & Wisdom

Able to see and hold others' values and needs.

Caring - Empathy - Mentorship - Honoring Diversity - Aware of your own Personal and Business Impact

Develop the instinct and inner confidence to charge your worth. Identify the true value you bring and learn to market yourself and your business in a more effective way based on being able to see and hold others' values and needs. 



Executive Presence

Able to lead with presence and integrity. 

In Service - Self, Others, Community

Effective Use of Power

Leaning into Uncertainty

What is the current context that you are doing business in and how do you use shifts and uncertainty to strengthen yourself and your business? This training day you will answer these questions and step fully into your executive presence and help you to make more money in your business.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 2022 Women's Leadership Circles schedule are Tuesdays from 1:00pm - 5:00 pm.

Dates are as follows:

  • February 15th
  • March 29th
  • April 19th
  • May 17th
  • June 7th

To withhold the integrity of a small group intimate cohort, space is incredibly limited. (We only select 15 participants per cohort.) 

Due to that matter if you can not carve out the half day once a month to participate and concrete it on your schedule we ask you to consider waiting for a future year cohort.

That's why we're giving you MONTHS of advance notice to carve the time out of your schedule! 

One of the most powerful aspects of these circles is the connection with other power women business leaders, creating the safe space to grow together.

So as much as we would love to welcome all we do have eligebility guidelines of our participants. 

Participants Must:

  • Be a business owner or high level business manager for over 1 year WITH a net business income.  
  • Be willing to participate in all 5 of the circles sessions.
  • Be highly interested in your personal development and growth. 

This program through other for profit entities sells for well over $2,000. Because of our commitment to fundraise for our business owners and community we are offsetting the majority of this cost. 

Each participant's cost share is $200 for the full 5 month program that includes individual one on one coaching. 


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