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Dream Fund Training  

The WBC at JEDI Business Accelerator Training Program for the CA Dream Fund is no longer taking applications. 

We have reached capacity. 

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The Details

The Dream Fund is a one-time $35 million grant program to seed entrepreneurship and small business creation for businesses started in the State of California after July 1, 2019 and before November 1, 2022. The grant is available to qualifying businesses that meet all eligibility criteria (less than 5 employees, business revenue is less than $1,000,000) and complete the small business training program provided by the WBC at JEDI.

Following successful completion of the program, businesses will be eligible to apply for a microgrant of $5,000 or $10,000.

  • Eligible business owners sign up below.

  • You will then be enrolled in a 12-week training program. 

  • Following satisfactory completion of training and counseling, eligible businesses will be referred to the grantmaking entity, Lendistry, to proceed with granting of $5,000 or $10,000.


Grant Eligibility Criteria

For businesses seeking grant funding… 

  • Must be formally registered to do business in California.

  • Businesses can start the program without being registered but must be able to show proof of registration prior to being referred for a grant.

  • Eligible entrepreneurs will be asked to provide whatever documentation is required to legally do business in their area, including, but not necessarily:

    • Articles of Incorporation

    • Articles of Organization

    • Business License

    • Fictitious Business Name Statement

  • ** Sole proprietors without a Fictitious Business Name can apply! **

  • Business registration must have occurred after July 1st, 2019, and before November 1st, 2022.

  • Entities must also demonstrate they are ‘in business by having completed one of the following:

    • Has made the first sale, or

    • Has hired at least one employee, or 

    • Has created a business banking relationship, or 

    • Has spent money on business expenses (this includes legal and accounting fees).

  • Must be a business with 5 employees or less and $1 million or less in annual receipts.

  • Business is located in and serves California

  • Must agree to all applicable terms and conditions.
  • Must not be a current or former (within the last 18 months) staff or immediate family of a WBC at JEDI staff or consultant. 
  • Must not have received a grant from the California Dream Fund previously, either from the WBC at JEDI or another participating program – only one grant per entity is allowed.

Important Note:

  • Grants are subject to fund availability, and while there is a discrete amount set aside for Northern California entrepreneurs, the funds are finite and may be allocated before everyone that enrolls completes the required steps. Enrollment does not guarantee access to funds.
  • Additional screening steps may exist to verify identity (but not citizenship) to prevent fraud and abuse.
  • Individual grant funding amounts are predetermined and not subject to decision or revision by the WBC at JEDI or its partners.
  • Additional terms and conditions apply.
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